The Program

Entrepreneurs who participate in an accelerator like PAX

raise more money and
excel in other key areas.

For each cohort, we are looking for 8-10 early-stage startups (reserving 3 out of the ten spots for ClimateTech companies). We have successfully invested in 20-year-old founders and 60-year-old founders – the goal is simply to find and cultivate great talent.

PAX Momentum Accelerator is meant to supplement your entrepreneurial activities. The program and trainings are designed to complement product development and business launch, not take you away from spending time on your company. The program accelerates your efforts.


The program consists of three key activities


Each cohort will attend three intensive
in-person summits. Each summit includes:

Office Hours

Available office hours with founder Matt Hanson and other dedicated advisors in-between summits


Classroom/MBA – style education

Demo-day: We organize a demo-day at the end of the session to introduce you to investors and the investment community. During and after the program PAX is committed to helping you match with investors through focused introductions

pax mentors

Pax Momentum has selected a powerhouse team to guide the entrepreneurs through the Fall 2020 Cohort.

Pax Headliners are CEO/Founders with remarkable success, Pax Professors are entrepreneurs with big wins and an abundance of wisdom to share, Pax Advisors are professionals that help with everything from legal training to creating great pitch decks, and lastly, Pax Angels are seasoned and successful investors.

This impressive group of mentors will be giving one-on-one support to our cohort companies throughout the accelerator. In addition, they will offer exclusive webinars, office hours, and focused small group work. They will be involved in the selection process and will also provide a network of investors to the cohort. 

ClimateTech Initiative

"Where Sustainability Meets Profitability"

PAX Momentum believes in the alignment of environmental and economic goals. That’s why three out of the ten spots in our program are reserved for ClimateTech companies focusing on solar, wind, biofuel, recycling, water purification, green transportation, gray water, and more.

Why? Two main reasons.

1) We care about the environment. We select companies that we believe will have a positive impact in the world and on the other companies in the cohort.

2) ClimateTech will play a large role in our economic future. PAX Momentum is both a thought and economic leader that strives to attract investments and accelerate the economic viability of ClimateTech solutions.


PAX will provide the same $50,000 investment in the ClimateTech companies as the rest of the cohort.

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