The Program

Entrepreneurs who participate in an accelerator like PAX

raise money more quickly, find more direct paths to customer traction, and exit earlier than companies who don’t attend top accelerators.


The Accelerator program helps founders in concrete ways:


Entrepreneurs strive for the most efficient and effective way to attract capital. PAX provides the resources to get you there: 


Our best portfolio companies have accepted the hard truth that no product, no matter how great, sells itself. Founders must become proud and confident leaders to build and guide their team to fast revenue growth. You will learn proven B2B sales and marketing practices, practical knowledge for designing and hiring a team, and skills for supercharging your own selling efforts.


It doesn’t matter how good your product is if your prospects don’t understand the value you bring. Be ready to find the words to captivate your audience and bring your story to life. During the program, you’ll build a library of powerful content for email campaigns, social media, sales campaigns and your website.

pax Advisors

PAX Advisors consist of PAX Professors and PAX Angels. PAX Advisors support the start-ups throughout the program, offering weekly one-on-one  office hours, exclusive webinars, and focused, small-group working sessions.


ClimateTech Initiative

Sustainable Profits for a Safer Planet

PAX Momentum aligns environmental and economic goals. That’s why three out of the ten spots in our program are reserved for ClimateTech companies. Their categories comprise solar, wind, biofuel, recycling, water purification, green transportation, gray water, and more.

Why? Because it's essential.

1) We care about the environment. We select companies that we believe will have a positive impact on the climate, global resources, and on the other companies in the cohort.

2) ClimateTech will play a large role in our economic future. PAX Momentum is both a thought and economic leader, that strives to attract investments to and accelerate the economic viability of ClimateTech solutions.

Watch the video below to learn about the program from the perspective of some of our founders.

Pax Partners and Perks