THE B2B Sales Accelerator

The Program

PAX is a Pitchbook Top-20 Accelerator

New for Fall-22: $100k Cash Investment into Each Company!

Here's how we help founders:

Scale Revenue

Our best portfolio companies have accepted the hard truth that no product, no matter how great, sells itself. We help Founders become proud and confident leaders to build and guide their team to fast revenue growth, even when doing up against deep-pocketed competitors. You will learn proven B2B sales and marketing practices, practical knowledge for designing and hiring a team, and skills for supercharging your own selling efforts.

Close Funding

Learn the most efficient and effective way to attract capital. Here’s how PAX helps you get there:

Refine Messaging

Pax’s ground up approach to messaging and marketing is unlike anything you will find elsewhere.We help you clearly communicate your value proposition to each market vertical. Be ready to find the words to captivate your audience and bring your story to life. During the program, you’ll build a library of powerful content for your website, email templates, social media, and sales enablement materials.

Watch the video below to learn about the program from the perspective of some of our founders.

Curriculum: Topics Overview

We tailor the curriculum to the needs of each cohort, and therefore the topics covered are constantly changing and evolving. This is not a comprehensive list but intended to give you an idea of what to expect during the program.

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