Pax Portfolio

Fall 2021 Cohort

Retrolux, from Boise, ID has built a software platform for upgrading commercial building energy systems and has a mission to make existing buildings smart and efficient. It allows energy contractors to develop, design, sell, install, and maintain building energy system upgrades, including smart grid services.

Sensegrass, from Fremont, CA is a soil intelligence platform for fertilizer management. They use a combination of AI-based recommendations and IOT soil sensors to deliver real-time soil health analyses and targeted nutrient management. They help farmers and companies reduce chemical fertilizer use, increase crop yields, and grow more sustainably.

Chainparency, from Houston, TX provides a turnkey solution for the recording, tracking, and tracing of physical items on the blockchain. This enables customers to authenticate products,  verify product claims,  and record chain of custody and more on an immutable blockchain ledger. This SaaS solution will help businesses of all sizes handle sustainability and ESG concerns.

Steamchain, from Beaverton, OR has created a user controlled platform that simplifies global B2B payments for international commerce using cryptocurrency and blockchain. The platform saves money on currency conversion fees, manages currency fluctuation risk, and reduces the time to complete international payments.

Paperstac, from Orlando, FL is changing the way mortgage notes  are bought and sold through an automated retail marketplace. Their tool enables automation, synchronized communication, integrated escrow and audit services, and more. This will revolutionize the way investors handle mortgage debt. 

Junction AI, from Dallas, TX has developed a product that takes unstructured data, analyzes it and then returns insights and recommendations, specifically for advertising and marketing. The product integrates into existing platforms and looks at the data surrounding advertising and marketing campaigns and then makes recommendations, such as word choice, color, and location.

Personify XP, from London, UK is the world’s first anonymous real-time analytics and personalization platform. They empower retailers to react in real-time to changes in an anonymous consumer’s digital journey by automating the types of content and products that consumers see to match their preferences.

Immersed Games, from Buffalo, NY is using an online video game to drive a disruptive shift in learning to combat scientific illiteracy and disinterest. The platform enables teachers and parents to engage students in actively doing science by providing a video game that empowers students to directly explore science phenomena and solve authentic problems.

JDoe, from Washington, DC is an anonymous platform for victims to report misconduct, including sexual assault, police misconduct, asian hate, and more. Law firms, large organizations, and universities subscribe to the platform to identify and prosecute offenders, especially repeat offenders. With their secure platform, JDoe can link mutual survivors together, allowing for an increased chance of successful legal or other disciplinary action.

Spring 2021 Cohort

Bloomfield Robotics, from Pittsburgh, PA assesses the health and performance of crops using specialized cameras and AI, and provides recommendations to optimize plant health and yield, making farming more precise and efficient.

Freeing Returns by Lillii RNB, from Atlanta, GA, is a B2B marketplace for store returns. They are the ‘middleware’ that connects point-of-sale systems to return management applications, allowing retailers to reduce the frequency of return fraud, as well as increase brand loyalty with facilitated interactions.

Just Vertical, from Toronto, Canada is an indoor vertical hydroponic company that creates “furniture that feeds you” — easy-to-use vertical gardens made for homes, businesses, and schools. In addition to their beautifully designed indoor gardens, they offer over 200 varieties of seed pods and custom-blended nutrient kits. 

Pegasi, from Santiago, Chile makes healthcare information accessible, clear, and secure for the developing world, facilitating information management, televisits, and more. They also aggregate non-sensitive Big Data into Healthcare Business Intelligence (BI) as a tool for accelerating regional development.

Protosure, from New York, NY offers a no-code insurance product development and distribution platform that allows users to rapidly develop, distribute, and embed complex insurance products on the cloud. Their low-barrier platform  allows users to prototype and launch insurance products in a matter of days. 

Rallybright, from Bethesda, MD provides a behavioral science-based performance assessment and management platform, designed to improve team performance by enabling team leaders to pinpoint the areas where they can make high-impact improvements.

Sesame Solar, from Ann Arbor, MI creates modular solar nanogrid solutions that can provide instant mobile power for a wide range of applications, including communications, medical care, refrigeration, disaster response, and more.

Storybolt, from Chicago, IL is a platform for promoting employee engagement and sense of belonging. The company aims to inspire sustainable organizational change by helping their clients unpack difficult topics like implicit bias, gender equity, mental health, and more through curated selections from their collection of award-winning documentaries.

Sweft, from Philadelphia, PA provides a platform that helps large e-commerce retailers profitably scale by automating the process of launching products online. They are an end-to-end solution that streamlines the product workflow across teams, from selection to launch.

Fall 2020 Cohort

Adskate, from Pittsburgh, PA, is an advertising technology firm that builds innovative solutions for targeting and brand safety. Their platform uses machine learning for sentiment analysis, video analytics and contextual targeting, to allow brands to make data-driven decisions about content creation and brand strategy.

Adstash, from Toronto, Canada, provides a platform for connecting online ad exchanges with digital signage operators, using their integrated platform and AI algorithms to automate transactions. Their streamlined interface offers revenue reports, content schedules, and multi-user management, while the platform is conveniently integrated with TransferWise.

Change: Water Labs, from Boston, MA, has invented a waterless, market-disruptive, sustainable toilet that rapidly evaporates 95% of sewage without using any energy. Their envisioned implementation will help expand access to clean water and sanitation around the world.

Employee Cycle, from Philadelphia, PA, provides a real-time HR analytics dashboard which aggregates disparate employee platforms and empowers enterprises to make data-driven workforce decisions. It allows companies to integrate their HRIS, ATS, and Engagement & Performance systems for integrated and comprehensive report building.

Fonbnk, from Washington, DC, has built a system that allows users to buy, share, and redeem mobile airtime credit, turning mobile sim cards into bank accounts for people in the developing world. Minutes can be shared across 600 service providers, reducing financial barriers to staying in touch. 

HyperBorean, from Wichita, KS, has developed an off-grid energy technology that uses waste heat and solar to power refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. In use with equipment shelters, HyperBorean offers a cut in energy consumption and added resiliency to heat-induced downtime threats.

Resultid, from Raleigh, NC, has developed a SAAS platform that assists in the market assessment of new technologies by providing instant access to patents, market data, grants, research, trials, and regulatory, product and company information. They have partnered with leading research institutions in their quest to provide rapid access to comprehensive market assessments.

RoundlyX, from Richmond, VA, allows crypto-currency investors to round their daily purchases (to the nearest dollar) and apply that rounded amount to their cryptocurrency investments. Users can link their round-ups to multiple currencies in multiple exchange accounts for a comprehensive portfolio, all toggleable in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Wearwell, from Philadelphia, PA, is an online eCommerce business where consumers can purchase clothing that is sustainably made and sourced. While the fashion industry at large is responsible for 10% of all global carbon emissions, Wearwell makes it easy for you to choose climate-conscious brands.