THE B2B Sales Accelerator


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What are the terms?

A. We invest $125k in each company, with $100k in cash and $25k in kind. Because we work with a wider range of companies than most accelerator programs, we do not demand a set percentage of equity. Instead, we jump in on open rounds with our $125k investment.

Q. What investment vehicles do you use?

A. We prefer KISS notes, but are open to others including SAFE notes and convertible notes.

Q. What industries do you invest in?

A. We are industry agnostic but focus on B2B SaaS companies, except for the three slots we hold for ClimateTech companies.

Q. What does the schedule of the program look like?

A. The program runs for 8 weeks, with a one week break in the middle. During the program, we have virtual sessions from 5-7pm each night for the six of the weeks. For the 4th and 8th weeks, we have summits with a special schedule built around eminent speakers.

Q. Who teaches the sessions?

A. Matt Hanson, our founder, teaches the sessions. We bring in subject area experts for some topics like digital marketing, PR, managing a sales team, and exit strategy.

Q. What stage companies are you looking for? 

A. To be a fit for Pax, you need to have a product that is ready for the market. The curriculum is most valuable for founders who are looking to implement our sales practices as we learn.