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Jack Hanson

Finding Success as a ClimateTech Founder

Following the boom-and-bust “Cleantech 1.0” period, investing in sustainable companies was thought to be too risky. However, the looming threat of climate change has become increasingly clear and investors have become convinced that now is the time for the ClimateTech revolution.

Welcome Spring-22 Cohort!

Welcome Spring-22 Cohort! Pax Momentum is thrilled to announce our Spring-22 Cohort! Through a fiercely competitive selection process these companies have shown their readiness for intense growth. PAX focuses on a unique niche of companies that are ready to turn their founder-driven sales success into a scalable and repeatable process. The Spring-22 Cohort is our …

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The Cold Call

No one has ever been excited about cold calling, but PAX has come up with a formula to make it (1) less painful and (2) more effective. What? You thought cold calling was dead? Think again. Modern research confirms that multi-channel outreach (e.g. cold calling mixed with email and LinkedIn) elicits significantly higher response rates …

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5 T’s of a Startup

Raising money can be intimidating, particularly for first-time entrepreneurs. Every investor has some unique criteria, however certain metrics always warrant careful attention when telling your story. At Pax Momentum, we review hundreds of companies every year and very few founders effectively articulate succinct answers to the investors’ most pressing questions. Ready to raise more capital …

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