Bringing Momentum to Startups outside of Silicon Valley

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The power of PAX... Building momentum for start-ups
outside of Silicon Valley.

Introducing Pax Angels!

Pax Momentum is pleased to introduce Pax Angels, a group of seasoned investors who will select and fund a competitive group of start-ups to participate

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PAX Momentum brings investment, growth and success to start-ups outside of Silicon Valley.

Twice a year, ten promising companies each receive a $50k investment and join our eight-week intensive program.

The program consists of training, mentoring, and validation.

Studies show that entrepreneurs who go through a top accelerator program are more successful – they raise more money and have better outcomes.

3 of the 10 spots in each cohort are filled with ClimateTech companies, which makes the entire PAX program stronger. There is power in doing the right thing. We attract better investors, better partners and most importantly, better entrepreneurs. The best people want to be part of meaningful solutions.

We will be announcing the members of our Spring 2021 cohort on February 22nd.

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Ready to Apply?

Your Company

Company valuations for PAX investments into cohort companies can range from $1-10M. Our valuable program is available to you even if you think you are too early or too far along for an accelerator program. PAX wants great entrepreneurs. You might still be working out product/market fit, or figuring out how to scale your first sales team. We don’t want valuation terms to keep you from all the benefits PAX can offer.

At a minimum, your company should have the equivalent of two full-time employees (could be founders, employees or contractors), and be close to landing your first customers.

What we are looking for

We provide an expert focus on B2B growth. You will learn the shortest path to confirming product/market fit and landing your first customers. For example, in Fall 2020, PAX Headliner Darren Lee presented his tried and tested B2B approach for quickly and accurately shaping a product that is ready to be sold to your target customer. We especially like cyber, SAAS enterprise software, telecom, ClimateTech, FinTech, InsureTech, and AI.

“Matt is a key player in the story of Urgently’s growth and success. He had the vision to lead the first round of outside investment. Since then, Matt has been a board member, mentor, supporter and great friend. I’m elated to see that Matt is turning his talents and experience to launch PAX Momentum. The MidAtlantic startup community has needed this for a long time and will greatly benefit from it.”

Chris Spanos

CEO of Urgently, Inc. Magazine’s 12th fastest-growing private company in the nation and Deloitte’s 6th fastest-growing company in North America