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The power of PAX... A VC laser-focused on transforming B2B startups into thriving companies.

5 T’s of a Startup

Raising money can be intimidating, particularly for first-time entrepreneurs. Every investor has some unique criteria, however certain metrics always warrant careful attention when telling your

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Promising entrepreneurs look to PAX for the professional development which instills the confidence and skills necessary to meet the unique challenges of scaling a startup.

Twice a year, PAX invests $50k in ten promising companies selected to join our intensive eight-week program. The program is tailored to companies that have achieved initial product/market fit, and are under pressure to refine their pricing strategy, build and manage a sales team, attract capital from VCs, forge channel partnerships, and build a comprehensive go-to-market strategy. 

Three companies in each cohort are ClimateTech startups dedicated to green innovation. PAX aspires to leadership in responsible capitalism by fostering profitable approaches to environmental sustainability. 

Key Dates

Watch the video below to learn about some of our founder's experiences with the program.



Professional Development

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PAX works with companies who are ready to scale up their efforts. We look for companies who have achieved early market acceptance, demonstrated by landing sophisticated customers and surging revenue. 

The PAX program is built to take you to the next milestone: a repeatable process where significant deals are closed without heavy founder involvement.

What we are looking for

We provide expert focus on B2B revenue growth. Previous companies selected for PAX have come from a variety of business verticals. We especially like cyber, SAAS, ClimateTech, FinTech, InsureTech, HealthTech, eCommerce and AI.

The 5 T’s inform our selection process: Team, Traction, Technology, TAM and Terms.

“Matt is a key player in the story of Urgently’s growth and success. He had the vision to lead the first round of outside investment. Since then, Matt has been a board member, mentor, supporter and great friend. I’m elated to see that Matt is turning his talents and experience to launch PAX Momentum. The MidAtlantic startup community has needed this for a long time and will greatly benefit from it.”

Chris Spanos

CEO of Urgently, Inc. Magazine’s 12th fastest-growing private company in the nation and Deloitte’s 6th fastest-growing company in North America